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Wally Nadel
World War II in the Aleutians - Shemya (APO 729)
January 26, 1943 to January 27, 1946

1. Recap of Army Facilities

Ft. Benjamine Harrison, Indiana

Ft. McClellan - Anniston, Alabama

Camp Shenango - Pennsylvania

Ft. Lawton - Seattle, Washington

Fort Sheridan - Illinois

Port of Embarkation


2. Conscription - the Draft

3. Selection Process

4. Shemya

5. General S. B. Buckner, Jr.

6. Major A. Brindle

7. My Outfit

8. My Buddies

9. Supply Sergeant

10. Army Medical Experience

11. Civilian Contractors

12. Potpourri

13. Returning to the States

14. Coincidences

15. Unspoken Concerns




A beautiful camp surrounded by pine trees, overlooking Puget Sound.

It was here that some of us were selected out for special training prior

to being shipped out.  During the few months we were there, we had

frequent passes to town, and as far as Army Camps go, the best.


The first few weeks, temporary tents were set up - - - the barracks were

filled up!  When the fog rolled in every night, clothes became saturated

with moisture.  The solution was to layer the bedding to accomodate

the next day's clothing inside to keep dry.


Troopships left frequently, mostly in a northerly direction, to Alaska and

the Aleutians.  When boarding boats, we weren't privy to our final

destination until we were out to sea for 4-5 days.


We embarked on Oct. 2, 1943 and left port on Oct. 3.


In 1970, Fort Lawton was dismantled, and the entire area transformed

into a State Park and named "The Discovery Park".


Seattle Port Of Embarkation Badge 3059 that belonged to Wally Nadel.


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Dr. Will R. Eubank - Adak 1943    Map of Alaska