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Wally Nadel
World War II in the Aleutians - Shemya (APO 729)
January 26, 1943 to January 27, 1946

1. Recap of Army Facilities

Ft. Benjamine Harrison, Indiana

Ft. McClellan - Anniston, Alabama

Camp Shenango - Pennsylvania

Ft. Lawton - Seattle, Washington

Fort Sheridan - Illinois

Port of Embarkation


2. Conscription - the Draft

3. Selection Process

4. Shemya

5. General S. B. Buckner, Jr.

6. Major A. Brindle

7. My Outfit

8. My Buddies

9. Supply Sergeant

10. Army Medical Experience

11. Civilian Contractors

12. Potpourri

13. Returning to the States

14. Coincidences

15. Unspoken Concerns


Wally Nadel - Company Mascot - Richard Partridge

When a group of fellows spend a couple of years in close proximity,

there are certain things one remembers, even after 64 years; especially

those who lived in the same tent or quonset hut.  I've forgotten some

first or last names --- and in some cases --- their complete names.


Here are a few who are still strongly in my memory:


Ervin Herbrand - single - company carpenter - Calif.

Ervin was a carpenter in civilian life, had a great sense of humor, was

always with a smile - even when we took advantage of his good nature.


Harry Applebaum - married - mature, intelligent, well-liked by all, my

assistant for a while, then rose to Tech. Sgt. when the Company

Commander recognized his ability and transferred him to the office.

Pre-war, Harry was a supervisor/inspector for a number of stations

in the N.Y. subway system.



Joseph Fusco - single - equipment maintenance - N.Y.

Joe was engaged to his childhood girlfriend, planned to get married when

he returned home.  His future father-in-law, who owned a small lamp

manufacturing company, made sure that he had a good job waiting for



Robert Forney - single - machine operator - Pennsylvania - I believe

worked in the coal mines.  During an alert (a Japanese fleet headed north)

three of us took off in a 1 1/2 ton dump truck (Forney driving), to Ordinance,

where we loaded up on munitions, ammo., grenades, morter shells,

etc.  In the excitement, we didn't gas up. Nearing the crest of a long tall hill,

the truck conked out.  I remember Bob hanging out of the drivers side,

guiding the truck backward down that steep hill.  He kept his cool.  I don't

think we did!   This type of alert was not uncommon since the Japanese

often Zig-Zagged across the Pacific on their way to the South Pacific.

David Perline - married - N.Y. - A furrier?

Very sensitive, a bit of a worrier, concerned about his brother who was left-

leaning, vocal, and could get into trouble because of the mood of the

country at that time.  Dave must have been telepathic.  He heard that our

enemy, Germany, was going to manufacture a small low-cost auto that was

affordable after they conquered the world.  It turned out to be the V.W.

Frank F. Fernandez - single - Calif.

Frankie was our Rigger - - - He would work with various tools, including

hugh vises, welding equipment, splicing devices to create iron crane cables

as well as rope for tying vessels to the dock.  One day, he created a complex

rig designed to lift a 10-ton piece of equipment.  The whole outfit was on the

dock to see this masterpiece work. It did, followed by applause.

Frank never went to the P.X. for candy or other luxuries.  Instead, he saved

every penny to send home.  His mother needed a set of teeth badly and

apparently there were no siblings to help out.

Finally, one of the biggest challenges I had.  Frankies shoe size was EEEE.

Our Island Quartermaster was no help, the Alaskan Headquarters Q.M.,

was no help.  During the better part of a year, he slogged around on over-

sized galoshes.  After six letters to various Q.M depots, three signed by

our C.O., two pair arrived - - - from who knows where!


I feel compelled to mention a few others in our outfit who spent their early

twenties on this windswept Island:


         Clifford Johnson              Alcide Michaud

         Charles Schenck               Willard Johnson

         Urban Altherr                   - - - - -  Rinaldi

         Wesley Heap                     Kurt Bohnsack


We all returned safely, and I hope to a happy and fulfilling life.

(top - left to right) Wally Nadel - Joe Fusco - Urban Altherr

(bottom - left to right) Sean Ferguson - Robert Forney - Ervin Herbrand


© Wally Nadel 2007

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