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Wally Nadel
World War II in the Aleutians - Shemya (APO 729)
January 26, 1943 to January 27, 1946

1. Recap of Army Facilities

Ft. Benjamine Harrison, Indiana

Ft. McClellan - Anniston, Alabama

Camp Shenango - Pennsylvania

Ft. Lawton - Seattle, Washington

Fort Sheridan - Illinois

Port of Embarkation


2. Conscription - the Draft

3. Selection Process

4. Shemya

5. General S. B. Buckner, Jr.

6. Major A. Brindle

7. My Outfit

8. My Buddies

9. Supply Sergeant

10. Army Medical Experience

11. Civilian Contractors

12. Potpourri

13. Returning to the States

14. Coincidences

15. Unspoken Concerns




Issued new army uniforms & gear (including itchy Winter long-johns)

A cursory physical - (We needed men badly)  An interesting psychological

exam - part of which is, do you have a girlfriend?  I was tempted to say

that he is home and promised to wait for me, but I didn't want to hang

around for an hour until they discovered that I was being facetious, plus

the fact that I was stark naked. That was my introduction to zero personal

privacy for the next three years.  Their transient cooks led to guaranteed

regurgitation.  Some of the meals were unrecognizable. Glad to leave.


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Dr. Will R. Eubank - Adak 1943    Map of Alaska