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Wally Nadel
World War II in the Aleutians - Shemya (APO 729)
January 26, 1943 to January 27, 1946

1. Recap of Army Facilities

Ft. Benjamine Harrison, Indiana

Ft. McClellan - Anniston, Alabama

Camp Shenango - Pennsylvania

Ft. Lawton - Seattle, Washington

Fort Sheridan - Illinois

Port of Embarkation


2. Conscription - the Draft

3. Selection Process

4. Shemya

5. General S. B. Buckner, Jr.

6. Major A. Brindle

7. My Outfit

8. My Buddies

9. Supply Sergeant

10. Army Medical Experience

11. Civilian Contractors

12. Potpourri

13. Returning to the States

14. Coincidences

15. Unspoken Concerns



At a mid-point between Chicago and Milwaukee, a large sprawling

Army Camp, Ft. Sheridan, as well as the Great Lakes Naval Training

Center, are located.

When asked, "Where would you like to be discharged from?" , I chose

Ft. Sheridan ---in the general area that I planned to settle in.

The place was in utter chaos ---unable to handle the trainloads of

men arriving. I, along with thousands of others, were given 30-day

furloughs (this was the first furlough I was given in my 3-year Army

experience) with instructions to report back at a certain date.

After a lot of visiting the people I left behind, I returned for the

countless steps, converting me from a soldier to a civilian.

When leaving this Army facility , an insignia was sewn on to our

jackets, resembling a bird of some kind, and which we referred

to as the "mptured duck" .

The last order was then given to us as we left -"you must not wear

your Army uniform more then 30 days from today"!.

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