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Wally Nadel
World War II in the Aleutians - Shemya (APO 729)
January 26, 1943 to January 27, 1946

1. Recap of Army Facilities

Ft. Benjamine Harrison, Indiana

Ft. McClellan - Anniston, Alabama

Camp Shenango - Pennsylvania

Ft. Lawton - Seattle, Washington

Fort Sheridan - Illinois

Port of Embarkation


2. Conscription - the Draft

3. Selection Process

4. Shemya

5. General S. B. Buckner, Jr.

6. Major A. Brindle

7. My Outfit

8. My Buddies

9. Supply Sergeant

10. Army Medical Experience

11. Civilian Contractors

12. Potpourri

13. Returning to the States

14. Coincidences

15. Unspoken Concerns




A 13-week cycle, in a camp of 20,000 men, of intensive training on how to

kill, and keep from being killed.  This was basic infantry - accordingly, part

of the training was the use of rifles, mortars, machine guns, bazookas,

gas masks, 21 mile hikes with full field packs & rifles, weighing a total of

70 pounds. Hand grenades, canteens, flashlights, etc. could bring it up to

75 - 80 pounds.  We spent time camping out in the mountains a few times

for 3 days to a week.  The worse exercise was a night romp in an enormous

swamp,  practicing the use of the compass.  Accidental deaths were rare in

the training and our Company all came out in one piece. Occasionally, we

would transfer in someone who was a reject from the Paratroopers or the

Marines.  They likened our Basic Training to kindergarten!

There were no passes for the first six weeks, the food was good and well

supervised, and it was an introduction to the kaleidoscope of America's



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