Recreation - Beach & Mountain
Adak, Alaska 1943

This picture was labeled Beach - Adak July 1943. "Hurry up and wait!" What to do in your free time? Father spent much free time - beach combing. As viewed in this picture - this can be very difficult - lots of stones to walk over - easy to twist an ankle.

Shoreline - Shemya September 1943.

Volleyball Adak August 1943

Judging by the number of pictures, Father's favorite pastime was hiking up Mt. Moffett. From the names and dates on the pictures, it looks like all his squad went with him at one time or another.

Cpl. Lawrence Schall 404th B.S. Mt. Moffett Adak Is. Aug '43

Mt. Moffett
Adak Aug. 1943
Capt. Eubank
& Sgt. Miller

Corp. Schall & Sgt. Miller - 404th Medic - Mt. Moffett Adak Aug '43

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A glacier (?) Mt. Moffett, Adak - Aleutians Aug 1943

Mountain Stream - Mt. Moffett - Adak Aug '43

Adak Is. from Mt. Moffett Aug '43

W. R. Eubank Aug '43

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