This picture was unlabeled, but the tent is similar
to ones found on other pictures labeled as Adak.
His letter of 10-06-42 talks about living in
a tent on Adak.

Sgt. Donald Miller & Corp Lawrence Schall at my house
- A.P.O. 980 - June 1943 Will R. Eubank

This picture is also unlabeled. Notice the "boardwalks" that lead from one building to another - these walkways are still common in most Aleutian communities.

The patch with the bowie knife belonged to the Kiska Invasion Force, a joint US-Canadian force, formed to retake Kiska in August 1943. - per Mr. John Cloe

My quarters. Adak Aug. 1943 Will Eubank
No doubt that medical officers had much better quarters than the average soldier. Notice the pin-up - hung on the wall.

Living quarters - Adak 1943 May Will R. Eubank Capt. M.C.

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