404th Bomber Dispensary - APO 980/986

Medical services were basic as evidenced by these photos.

Emergency Aid Station - Adak - Built by 404th
Corp. Schall
Capt. Eubank
Sgt. Miller
Pfc. Scrabis
Pfc. Pogel

Driveway of the dispensary

404th B.S A.P.O. 980 - 1943

Lt. Marling "Chuck" Schanland A.C..

404th B.S. A.P.O. 986 July '43

I believe I have these three photos - in a panorama - from left to right - even though the pictures were taken at different times - August/May/August. You can see that quite a few new items were added to the Medical Storage and more cabinets were added.

Wash Stand - Medical Table

404th B.S. Disp Adak Alaska Aug 1943
Medical Table & Storage

404th B.S. Disp Adak Alaska May 1943
Medical Storage - Oil Heater
404th B.S. Disp Adak Alaska Aug 1943

I had never thought about the fact that there had been nurses on Adak during 1943. The joke was that there was a "girl behind every tree" - evidently, there were some in the trenches. I can't get the full names - doctor's handwriting. . .

Our pride & joy. . . popular with the nurses. . .

One of the nurses - A.P.O. 980 July '43

Helen Lyan? A.N.C. May 1943 A.P.O. 980

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I am just guessing, but based on the label
on this photo - Dad might have been the
"Dr. Hawkeye Pierce" (of Mash 4077)
on Adak in 1943.

Seltzer bottle made out of 02 bottle
Will R. Eubank Capt M.C. Adak Aug 1943

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