B-24s and a Bombing Raid over Kiska

This picture was labeled "Moving Day" A.P.O. 980 May 1943. What it shows (in the foreground) is the corregated "runway" mat that was laid down over the tundra. These interlocking metal strips were about 12-16" wide and 8-12 feet long (it has been many years since I have seen some of this material. . .).

This patch belonged to the 21st Bomber Squadron, which served in the Aleutians from June 1942 until September 1943. It flew B-24s. - per Mr. John Cloe

Unlabeled. B-24 on the right.

You can see the tip of the wing
in the upper left corner of the picture.
Also, just below the crest of the mountain,
you can see the outline of another B-24.

B-24 404th B.S. - Adak Alaska - 1943 July
The number on the nose of the plane is 34.

Flying over Kubik Bay - Adak - 1943 July

On mission A.P.O. 980 March 1943 Kiska Harbor
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On mission - March 1943 A.P.O. 980

Another very similar picture is labeled Kiska Harbor from a B-17 May 1943 Will R. Eubank 404th B.S.

Tents on left. B-24 on the right.

A.P.O. 980 Sept. 1943 404th B.S.

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