404th Bomber Members - APO 986 - 1943

Some of the Bomber Cmd Staff A.P.O. 986

? - (may be Frank Gash) mid-foreground killed in action over Paramushiru Sept 1943. More about Frank Gash.

Capt Wm R Eubank M.C. 404th B.S.
A.P.O. 986 July '43


Lt. Fox MC. (Calif.) & Captain W. R. Eubank
77th B.S. Disp Adak Alaska July 1943

Lt. Chas. B. Thuot A.C. (from Chicago, Il.)
404th B.S. - A.P.O. 986 July 1943 


Maj. O. P. Moffett AC.
Sq. Surgeon 28th Corp.Sq. XI
Bomber Command Adak June 1943
Lt. Fox & Capt. Teruplemen (N.C.) Adak July 1943
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Maj. Simonds M.C. (St. Paul, Minn.) Adak July 1943

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