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Anderson Luster

Anderson Luster

Anderson Luster is a remarkable artist, as well as a diorama and model builder that specializes in military paintings and models.

He will take a picture of you (or a parent - relative) along with the specialized military equipment worked with and combine the two - rendering a realistic painting / model of the person, location, time period and equipment. He is a perfectionist with his research and attention to detail.

Follow the link above on his name to see his web site and the type of work done.

He has done specific model construction fand work for Alan B. Shepard, The Alabama Space and Rocket Center, Intergraph, Hughes Aircraft, Teledyne, Redstone Arsenal, Chrysler Pentastar and NASA.

If you have an interest in an oil painting or diorama to commemorate your loved one's service in the military, Anderson Luster is an artist that you should contact. Visit his website linked above.


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