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William Volker Elementary School February 2000

William R. Eubank

3600-3900 Wyoming Street, Kansas City, Missouri 1956 - 1957

From 1947 to December of 1957 our family lived at 3820 Wyoming Street in Kansas City, Missouri. Here is some information on William Volker Elementary School from 1956 - 1957.

William Volker Safety Patrol

Going through an old briefcase turned up this Safety Patrol patch. I had forgotten about this activity - where an older student was entrusted with younger students - in helping them cross Wyoming Street or 38th Street at Wyoming.

I now remember being on safety patrol at some point in 1957 - I would have been in 7th grade that year. Safety patrollers got to wear that cool - white vinyl patrol belt - and I think the patch was pinned on with a safety pin. Perhaps the best part was getting out of class early - and the responsibility.

Here is a picture of one of the Keading twins with safety belt and out stretched arms, helping my sister, Adelaide L. Eubank (now a teacher in Grand Junction, Colorado) and Bob Owens across Wyoming Street at 38th on the first day of school - September 1957. This would have been Adelaide's first day of school and Mother had walked down to the crossing to see her youngest return.

The school is one long block north of this intersection (to the left in this picture) on the east side of Wyoming and Roanoke Park is one block east down 38th Street (straight ahead). The William Volker family estate was in the 3700 block north of this point on the west side.

Life on Wyoming Street
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