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William Volker Elementary School February 2000

William R. Eubank

3600-3900 Wyoming Street, Kansas City, Missouri 1956 - 1957

From 1947 to December of 1957 our family lived at 3820 Wyoming Street in Kansas City, Missouri. Here is some information on William Volker Elementary School from 1956 - 1957.

Soft Ball - 5th Grade Girls Win - 5th Grade Boys Lose - May 1956

There were two games that day. 5th Grade boys vs. 6th Grade boys - 5th grade lost. The 5th Grade girls played the 7th Grade girls with the 5th grade winning. That playground was blacktop - and I remember getting lots of scrapes on my arms and legs. . .

Before the game.

Kathrine Mitchell at bat - girls win.

Bill Eubank at bat. Left to right: Loyal Keading, Allen Talbert, John Mike Brennon

After the game - boys lost.

Life on Wyoming Street
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