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ESL / Conference Presentations by William Eubank

Chinese for Teacher. Vietnamese for Teacher. Spanish for Teacher

March 	1993	"Huck Finn's Vietnamese Companion" - Denton, Texas

Feb. 1994 "BEAM Conference Proposal Writing Session" - Arlington, Texas March 1994 "Getting L1 into The School Spotlight" - Denton, Texas April 1994 "Student Bilingual Publications - A Bridge to the Future" - Dallas, Texas Nov. 1994 "Teach in Mexico - Summer 1995" - El Paso, Texas.

Feb. 1995 "Asian Refugees - The Effects of War" Arlington, Texas April 1995 "Lessons from the Tale of Kieu" - Denton, Texas Oct. 1995 "Internet Resources-Empowering the Language Learner/Teacher" - Plano, Texas Oct. 1995 "8,000 Helpful Colleagues 41 Keystrokes Away!" - Cedar Falls, Iowa

April 1996 "A Virtual Visit to ESL (WWW) Web Pages" - Arlington, Texas July 1996 "Rotary InterDistrict Teacher Exchange-U.S./Argentina 1997" - Buenos Aires, Argentina October 1996 "Teach in a Spanish Speaking Country - Summer 1997" - Richardson, Texas October 1996 "ESL Student/Teacher Collaborations in Digital Publishing" - Richardson, Texas. October 1996 "Teach in a Spanish Speaking Country - Summer 1997" - Kansas City, Missouri

April 1997 "Teach in A Spanish Speaking Country - Summer 1997" - Joplin, Missouri Sept. 1997 "Information Superhighway" MISSOURI AMERICAN RED CROSS 8th Annual Conference - Lake of the Ozarks
Feb. 1998 "Rotary InterCountry Teacher Exchange" - Raytown, Missouri Feb. 1998 "Rotary InterCountry Teacher Exchange" - Wichita, Kansas October 1998 "Status and Use of the MidTesol Website" - MIDTESOL - St. Louis, Missouri

June 1999 "MIDTESOL WEBSITE 08/11/98 to 06/13/99" - MIDTESOL - Iowa City, Iowa
August 1999 Demonstration of the Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society Site Denver, Colorado - 08/05/99 to 08/08/99 Report to the Board of Directors
October 1999 "Ideas for MidTESOLers Use of www.MidTESOL.org" -- MIDTESOL Iowa City, Iowa
May 2000 NAMEing the Issues "Ways the Web Can Extend Your Lesson" Lincoln, NE October 2003 "Using CD/ROM Technology to Enhance Language Learning"MIDTESOL - Ingraham, Brenda and William R. Eubank - University of Nebraska - Lincoln, NE November 2006 " The Visiting International Professional Program At M.S.U." MIDTESOL William R. Eubank, et.al., University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA March 23, 2007 "Superphonics, Literacy, and Reading"
International TESOL 2007, March 23, 2007 Seattle, Washington
Sheraton Seattle / Douglas Room - Ray Clark and William Eubank From Sound to Sentence
leads the learners from a base of 3 short vowels and 4 consonants to reading authentic material. Correlated with the text is a photocopyable collection of bingo games, Superphonic Bingo, that reinforce sound- letter correspondences. Participants will explore the thinking behind the texts and play Superphonic Bingo. March 31, 2007 "Church Based ESL" Cornerstone University 6th Annual ESL Ministry Conference "Many Voices, One Body" Leslie Watson Eubank, Rebecca Anders, William R. Eubank Developing a Pre-Literacy Program that combines total physical response routines to teach instructional / directional words, explicity phonics using phonograph cards, pre-literacy "Look at Me Read" from the Christian Literacy Series and the Window to the World Curriculum (based on the Jesus Film).

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