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Pictures from Teaching in Gejiu, China 1990

William R. Eubank

Kunming Teacher Training Institute

Between February 1988 and March of 1991 I lived and taught in the People's Republic of China and Hong Kong.

Tin Mining Corporation of Yunnan, Gejiu

The Yunnan Tin Corporation is located in Gejiu City, Ynnan province, about 300km south of Kunming.
I had a great time teaching and learning. Many things that I learned about teaching while in China, helped me later with my teaching of ESL students in the States. Would I go again? You bet!

Kunming Teachers Training College

About - Kunming Teacher Training Institute

Identification In China - 1988-1991

Food Tickets

Hot Water Tickets

Money In China

Language Department

Yunnan Center of Foreign Language

Kaiyuan Oral English Training Course

Yunnan Tin Mining Corporation - English Course


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