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Background On Kunming Teacher Training Institute

William R. Eubank

Kunming Teacher Training Institute

This beautiful building was still used for night school classes when I was at the school between 1988 and 1991. I taught several classes on the second floor.

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Kunming Teacher Training Institute is an advanced teacher training school with several programs. Its goal is to provide qualified teachers based on high teaching quality and scientific research in our school. We train our students not only becoming a teacher of different abilities in high school, but also providing some training for other teachers already working in schools.

Kunming Teacher Training Institute is located in KunShi Road. Its very good for students to study here in a beautiful campus with new-built classrooms, labs, libraries, dormitories, etc.

Since 1978, 2379 students have graduated from this school. After 10 years, this school develops a basic scale. There are 382 people working in the school, including 214 people in faculty. The faculty includes 2 professors, 51 associated professors, and 69 instructors. We also have 12 guest professors from other famous universities in this province. There are 240,000 books in the library, including 1127 different magazines and newspapers. Students can borrow the books by themselves in the library. The facilities include the labs of science, chemistry, and biology, classrooms with electronic equipment, language lab, language pronunciation lab, language listening lab, and computer center. They are provided for teaching and scientific research in our school.

There are 9 departments in school now: Chinese Literature, Political Science, Foreign Language, History, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Athletics. All the departments provide three-year program except that it is a two-year program for the Athletics Department. A united entrance examination for Chinese Literature Department was held with HuaDong Teaching University in 1988. There is also a night school here, which was approved by National Education Ministry. There are 5 departments in the night school: Chinese Literature, File Management, Economics and Management, English, and Japanese.

The entrance examination this year will be mostly for the areas around KunMing City. Based on the arrangement with the Provincial government, each department will accept the students from DongChuan, ZhaoTong, ChuXiong, YuXi, HongHe, WeiShan, SiMao, DaLi, BaoShan, LiJiang, LuanJiang, LinCang, and other districts in YunNan.

We welcome those who are enthusiastic and want to devote themselves to education to join us.

Translation provided by my friend:

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