Peyton Adams Eubank
Missionary - Africa 1882 - 1892

Memories of a Missionary Tour of Duty in Africa: 1882 - 1892
by Laura Boardman Houchens Eubank
Wife of Rev. Peyton Adams Eubank
Missionaries To Nigeria 1882
Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board, Richmond, VA.

The Church At Ogbornoso - Other Missionaries

For some reason the church here had kept up better in the absence of missionaries than it had in Abbeokuta. Perhaps they had done more work here and left it in better condition. We found the regulation building. with mud walls and floors and thatch roof which was used for a small school, and for our church, services. There was a larger church organization though still small. Also a fairly comfortable house for us to live in with the necessary out buildings. Here, too, we found the graves of our former missionaries. Now and then we heard of those who had returned home.

I have not told of the changes in our missionaries during these years. It was in 1882 that we went out and found no one but Brother and Sister David. Two years later we were joined by Bro. Hartey and wife also by Bro. Smith and Bro. Cook. Perhaps two years later still came Bro. Newton and wife with their lovely daughter Alberta who was also under appointment by our Board. Also there were two sons who soon returned home, Herbert and Carey, the latter going as a missionary to China in later years.

The price, was heavy. Bro. and Sister Newton and Alberta all died out there; the former and also Bro. Davids wife being buried at sea. Among her last words were "Never give up Africa", Bro. and Sister Tumbly Came too and were there for a few years and they too died.

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We had many good friends among the English missionaries. Wesleyan and Church of England - some of them the best people I have ever known. This was mostly on the coast. Not many went interior. During our stay in Ogbornoeo, perhaps, fifteen months, we saw just one white man except Mr. Pinnock who came later to live with us, and never a white woman. Most places there were Catholic priests but I do not recall any there. We rarely had any contact with them.


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