Notes on the Web Version of Laura Eubank's Story

This map was not part of the papers by Laura Boardman Houchens Eubank - but was found on the WWW on August 31, 2000. It shows an area in Africa where the Yoruba peoples are found. With the exception of the two black and white copies of xeroxed pictures of Rev. and Mrs. Peyton Eubank, all other photos and images (color) have been gathered from the WWW.



I selected photos or images that were directly from that part of Nigeria where they lived and worked.

I tried to put the images on the pages where some of the text related to the image.

It is my hope that adding these pictures will not detract from the writings of Laura.

I am working from a copy, of a copy, of a copy - (at least) - so the OCR program may pick up some stray characters. I have read the work several times, and run it through the spell checker on this program. There still may be mistakes or spare characters - : ; ' ( ~ . , - or words that seem out of place - if it is a valid word in the dictionary, it will not be caught by the program - only by an actual reader. I have entered some sub titles for navigation - these are in bold at the top of each page and as links below - William R. Eubank, Raytown, Missouri.


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