Peyton Adams Eubank
Missionary - Africa 1882 - 1892

Memories of a Missionary Tour of Duty in Africa: 1882 - 1892
by Laura Boardman Houchens Eubank
Wife of Rev. Peyton Adams Eubank
Missionaries To Nigeria 1882
Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board, Richmond, VA.

A Trip to Ogbonoso

The time cam some-years later when, on account of the death of one of our missionaries, it was necessary for us to go to Ogbonoso, (Ogbomoso - Map) two hundred miles interior to take the place of the one who died. This was a large city and next to Lagos, our largest church, though it too, was small.

This was an overland journey and particularly difficult because, through tribal wars, the roads to the interior had been closed to travel. After much trouble and delay we finally decided in getting permission to pass, through the influence of a native chief in Abbeokuta, who was a Christian and a good friend. There was much preparation to be made for a journey, which in the U.S. we could make easily in half a day but which out there, must have taken two weeks, first and last. A our baggage, including food, clothes, bedding, books, trunks, and. many other things had to be carried on the heads of men.

After long delay and much trouble in delay with the natives on who we had depended for our carriers, at last we got started. We never dared to pay them a penny in advance, for if we did they never came back. We had quite caravan for, besides our own party, a number of people, who also wanted to go the interior, took advantage of the opportunity to travel under the (protection of the white man).

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