Peyton Adams Eubank
Missionary - Africa 1882 - 1892

Memories of a Missionary Tour of Duty in Africa: 1882 - 1892
by Laura Boardman Houchens Eubank
Wife of Rev. Peyton Adams Eubank
Missionaries To Nigeria 1882
Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board, Richmond, VA.

Our Home In Abbeokuta

But I have kept you waiting a long time for us to reach our home. Home did I say? Yes, the first of our married lives. Someone has said; "Blessed is he that expect nothing for he shall not be disappointed." Well, we were not disappointed. In fact, we had no home. The little 'mission property we found was much like the native houses I have described with one of the same, set apart for our little school and Sunday services. So the first thing the missionaries had to do was to build a house to live in. Till then, we had to occupy a small room, such as I have described, with its mud wall and mud floor. The one we occupied was perhaps 8 or 10 feet square with a hole in the wall for a window. I have no recollection (Page 15) of any furniture but, a bed. Like the natives; we lived on the veranda, by day and slept in this room at night.

There was little we could do in the way of mission work till we had a house to live in. We had a native assistant who had charge of a small school and our equally small Sunday services. Also he acted as our interpreter for we were still unableto speak the Yoruba language, With the aid of some crude native carpenters, the men began work on the house. I do not remember how long they continued this work.


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