Alaska Letter

by Dr. Will R. Eubank MD

404th Bomb Sqdn
APO #942
Seattle, Wash.
Thursday 9-24-42

Dearest Mother:

It was surely good to receive the joint family letter, with the clippings. For a short time, time & space were transcended & I was home again;, seeing you & talking with you. If thoughts can travel, & I believe they can, you won't miss me too badly.

We are at our new location. We will like it OK. I'm anxious to get set up & to do a little work for a change. These trips get monotonous after a while.

Unfortunately & to my surprise, beards are not allowed in these parts; therefore I had to sacrifice mine in its infancy. I did have a couple of sketches made, though, which are not too bad & which I'll send on later.

I was glad to hear from Margaret. She has doubtless made a hard decision, but probably a wise one. We must all change plans, and give some up in these times. By going ahead full time on her business course she will soon become self-sufficient -- something to be thankful for. And the country needs all the workers it can get. In working she can have the double satisfaction of being independent, and of doing her part. If she needs money for her courses, she is welcome to borrow from me & to repay while working. That's not generosity on my part but good business -- to keep my money working usefully. One thing I want her to do though and that is to keep up her sorority contacts -- attend the meetings & meet the new members-go to the dances, etc. In that way she will not stagnate in some little office, ' will keep at least part of the pleasures of going to college. I consider that money well-spent.

It is interesting to hear off Furman's plans. I still think he might be able to get another job with hours that fit -- he should keep an eye open at least. His course sounds big enough to keep him busy. Hope he will concentrate on them & not allow his time & efforts be too widely dispersed. Hope he will get to know & take some courses from Dr. Entrikin, whom I admire as a fine combination of a scientist and a Christian. Many preachers in their ignorance think that these two things conflict. I will send the shave lotion prescription in the next letter. I hope F's new glasses fit OK. Be sure to send a picture.

Grandma & Grandpa no doubt are having a wonderful time with little David.. Have you ever heard the Negro spiritual "Little David Come Play on Your Harp"? You should get it. I'd love to see him again.

Haven't gotten paid this month yet, but probably will sometime soon. When I do, will send all extra home for deposit & use. We get an extra 10% for this service, which will help. I have some captain's bars on hand in case of "emergency".

Until we get settled there is little news I can give. Remember that if Margaret decides to stay in school she is welcome to my money. But after all the final decision is hers.

Well, Mother dear, I'll stop by saying that you're all often in my thoughts & prayers.

Your loving son,



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