Aleutian Letters

by Dr. Will R. Eubank MD

Dr. Will R. Eubank MD, left the "states" in September 1942 for overseas service with the Eleventh Air Force, 404th Bomber Squadron. He was great at documenting his service with photos, letters home, "artifacts", and a diary.

In May of 1998 I started the webpage about his service - putting up many of his original photos. Most of those pages were up by April of 1999.

Since that time, I have read his "Aleutian Letters" - a group of letters he wrote between September 1942 and May of 1943. The letters were very much self censored - so he speaks in very general terms about his service - to avoid having the camp examiner censor them. He does include sections in these letters that help me understand the photos - location - and exact date they were taken.

Father thought enough of these letters to have a secretary retype them in later years, and preserve them in a folder. I can only guess that he wanted his decendents to read them and perhaps share them with others.

Much of the material will be of interest only to direct decendents (brothers, sisters and their children - my cousins). As an older child, he gives lots of suggestions and observations about activities of siblings. He also spends a lot of time on finances. I have learned a great deal about him by reading these letters.

The material that deals directly with his service in Alaska and about the war in gerneral has been set in blue type to make it easy for non relatives to get to the part that may have brought them to this site.

Anything in this color of green is a direct quote from a web document. A link is included to the domain of the original quote.

Dr. Will R. Eubank - Adak 1943    Map of Alaska

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