1st Lt. George J. Canavan

1st Lt. George J. Canavan

February 9, 2006

Dr. James Canavan
12701 W. Wyndridge Ct. Apt. #103
New Berlin, WI 53151-8797

Dear Mr. Eubank,

   My brother 1st Lt. George J. Canavan received his wings at Roswell NM air base March 10, 1943 - Class of 43e. He was sent to Davis Monthan field in Tucson AZ for training in B-24's. He was sent to Adak in the Aleutian Chain in July, August or September of 1943. He was with the 404 B.S. (The Pink Elephants) and participated in raids on the Northern Kurile Islands of Japan. After 25 missions he received the air medal and was reassigned to the Jackson Mississippi Air base. He was killed piloting a B-17 which collided with another B-17 shortly after midnight April 11, 1945, while on a routine navigational flight. Seven on his plane were killed and seven on the other B-17 were also killed.

   I would greatly appreciate any pictures or information you have regarding the 404th B.S. on Adak Island during this period.

   You may reprint this picture of my brother on the website in case anyone viewing the site would have additional information or pictures of my brother. (verbal permission after a phone call on February 18, 2006).

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. James H. Canavan

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